CRANIUM Webinar. Supplementary measures Schrems II: a technical perspective

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In the post-Schrems II era a risk-based approach is crucial.

The EDPB has issued guidance post-Schrems II and clearly stated that for most common use cases controllers will need to take supplementary actions to continue to transfer data to third countries. Their guidance also included use cases where even the EDPB concludes they cannot find measures to be taken that will result in compliant international transfers.

In this webinar CRANIUM’s privacy expert Bart van Buitenen discusses Post-Schrems II guidance and focuses on the technical aspect of the supplementary measures that are required for compliant international transfers.

You will learn more about the use cases as discussed in the EDPB guidance, with practical information about viable measures.

Thursday April 29th 13:30 CET

Supplementary measures Schrems II: a technical perspective


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