Data Training, Simulation and Awareness.

Your company’s employees are the frontline troops that often come into contact with personal data. Knowing how to correctly handle data within the GDPR, increases compliancy with the law and your own security. Investing in awareness can reduce the risk of a data breach by as much as 70%. To help raise awareness, train your employees and help elevate your organisation to the next lever, CRANIUM offers a wide range of classroom trainings, phishing and simulations. Unable to find what you’re looking for in our offering? Request a  custom learning plan, and we’ll see how we can accomodate to your personal needs.


CRANIUM offers a wide range of courses in Privacy, Security and Data Management: scheduled, in-house or customised trainings.


Raise awareness within your organisation by letting your employees experience data breaches, phishing, usb drop attacks and their consequences.


Create a custom learning plan for your organisation by combining e-learnings, phishing, simulations and/or classroom trainings.

CRANIUM is an IAPP approved CPE provider. By attending our classroom trainings on privacy or security, you are entitled to Continuing Privacy Education (CPE) credits which are required to maintain your CIPP/CIPM/CIPT certification. You can submit your CPE credits here.

Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen

CRANIUM Services are recognized by the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship agency. This makes it possible for you as an SME to use the ‘SME Portfolio’ when using our services, and to get 20% discount for small companies & 30% discount for medium-sized companies.


CRANIUM Campus’ courses are partnered by Impulse+ by Cevora. Thanks to Impulse+ you can now enjoy a discount on our training courses. And there is more good news: these discounts can be combined with the training premiums Cevora offers. Surf quickly to Impulse+ and discover all the advantages!

CRANIUM Campus’ training courses are recognised by Liberform (pc336 liberal professions). The contribution amounts to €10 per person per hour, with a maximum amount of €60 for a full day. A minimum of €1,750 is provided per organisation, with the maximum being the annual contribution to the PC336 fund. Visit Liberform for more info.


CRANIUM Campus’ DPO Certification Training is being recognised by the Institute of Company Lawyers IBJ. In case you have access to the MY IBJ platform, please visit the “proposed courses” section for more practical information.