DPO Certification Training (NL)


Having your organisation’s valuable data published, shutting down your organisation because of an information security incident or receiving an impactful fine for not complying with the GDPR… These are all situations every organisation wants to prevent.

One way of reducing the risk of these situations occurring is having a Data Protection Officer (DPO) that can support you with compliancy with the GDPR and with improving your organisation’s data protection. A DPO is required to have expert knowledge of data protection law and practices in order to fulfil this role.

In this three-day course CRANIUM prepares your employee for the DPO role. Within this course they will become acquainted with the GDPR and other applicable laws that are essential on a European level. Also, they will learn to apply the GDPR and other laws into practice by means of exercises, group discussions and real-life cases.

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Anyone taking on any of the following functions:

  • DPO
  • Privacy Officer
  • Compliance Officer
  • Head of legal / Legal counsel


3 Days


13 credits


€ 1.900 (excl. VAT)

CRANIUM is an IAPP approved CPE provider. By attending our classroom trainings on privacy or security, you are entitled to Continuing Privacy Education (CPE) credits which are required to maintain your CIPP/CIPM/CIPT certification. You can submit your CPE credits here.