GDPR unfolded: interaction between GDPR, MiFID II and PSD2

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Upcoming training

13 June in Zaventem (EN), 9-17h

Target Audience

  • Privacy Officer
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Compliance Officer
  • Head of legal / Legal counsel
  • GDPR responsible
  • Banking professionals
  • Any organisation that processes personal data

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

6 points


€ 650 (excl. VAT)

GDPR unfolded: interaction between GDPR, MiFID II and PSD2

Welcome to our training focusing on the intersection of GDPR, PSD2, and MiFID. We are excited to partner with Febelfin to offer this training for professionals to expand their knowledge on these important regulations and how they influence each other.

2018 was a year of big changes regarding new directives and regulations for the financial sector. PSD2 & MiFID II are both focused to change the industry towards a more transparent, unified and secure framework – both in a different part of the industry.

2018 also meant a big change for privacy, as the GDPR came into force.

The primary goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of how GDPR, PSD2, and MiFID impact each other.

Through this training, participants will gain insight into how GDPR can both facilitate and impede compliance with PSD2 and MiFID, as well as how these regulations can influence GDPR.


Markets in financial instruments

  1. Introduction
  2. Quickdive into MiFIDII
  3. Links with GDPR
    1. Article 78 MiFID
    2. Transparency & Data minimisation
    3. Data subject rights
    4. Phone recording
    5. Retention
    6. Transfer to third countries

Payment Service Directive

Part 1:Legal Framework :

  1. PSD2: Scope and Basic Principles
  2. XS2A (Access the Accounts)
  3. New Players: AISP and PISP
  4. SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)
  5. Consent and SCA
  6. Requirements for the Banks and TPPs

Part 2: Other Aspects :

  1. PSD2 and GDPR
  2. Setting up the SCA in practice
  3. Optimization of the SCA Exemptions 4.
  4. Technology: APIs

Part 3 :Impact on the market:

  1. Global Impact on the market
  2. Impact on the banks and fintechs
  3. Implication on the Digital Banking Strategy
  4. The new role of competition and cooperation
  5. During this one-day training program, you will learn more about the key aspects of PSD2 and MiFID II and their relation to GDPR.

The training will be hosted in English and will include a one hour break with lunch included.

Throughout the training, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions with expert trainers, Joke Lierman and François De Witte.

The training will take place at our CRANIUM HQ in Zaventem. Places are limited.


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