Proudly launching CRANIUM Campus

Proudly launching CRANIUM Campus

At CRANIUM, we know how important it is to take good care of personal data and people’s privacy. Therefore, we are really proud to announce the launch of CRANIUM Campus.

CRANIUM Campus provides hands-on training courses on a variety of interesting topics in the field of privacy and security. When we say hands-on, we mean it: you will be challenged with real-life cases, you receive templates ready for use, you are invited to think and work together and cannot leave the room without being able to apply acquired skills in your day-to-day job or life. Our trainers are true subject matter experts actively working on both privacy and security aspects of personal data protection on a global scale. They are able to fascinate and intrigue their audience time after time.

As a first training offer, our most experienced privacy experts have developed a 4-day course preparing future Data Protection Officers for their DPO role, truly immersing you in the General Data Protection Regulation. After completing this in-depth training, participants can take an exam and, if successful, obtain the CRANIUM Campus DPO certificate.

Intrigued by this brand-new offer? Have a look at the leaflet or get in touch with us at Or be the first to visit our soon-to-be-launched website at

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