Remote Solutions

When business continues...


The current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic poses new challenges to organizations all over the world. Employees working from home, conference calls, cybercriminals trying to abuse the situation with phishing and ransomware attacks.

How to deal with the different privacy and security challenges? And how to continue your business in a safe way?

Please find below our solutions that can be easily and quickly organized remotely

B2B awareness campaigns : simulations & e-learning

Besides the services specifically listed above all of our other privacy, security and data management consultancy services can be offered remotely. In case you have any questions about our services or the way they are offered remotely don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our privacy and security templates

Within our CRANIUM Webshop we offer templates, guides and other pragmatic products for small and medium sized organisations that want to comply with current market standards in Privacy & Security. Pre-DPIA, Record of Processing activities manual, processing agreement, data breach notification policy and many more ready-to-use products to get you going.

B2C Free awareness material: PaSMaN

During these particular period, when the schools are closed and, remote learning becomes more important than ever to keep your kids educated. While your kids stay inside and they are more on the internet PaSMaN comes in handy to teach them about safety on the web and online privacy. Because cybercriminals take advantage emergency situations like these by sending out emails and WhatsApp messages with malicious links or attachments.





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