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We’ll guide your organization through the integration of EU GDPR requirements who’ll be applied in 2018. CRANIUM will help your organization identify and manage these new legal obligations.

CRANIUM aligns your current information processing activities with GDPR standards. We deliver certified, technical Data Protection Officers on request, to guard a commonly used format on data regulations compliance and who are trained to implement these GDPR requirements in different technical environments.

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CRANIUM delivers strategic and tactical advice on privacy and security. By screening your organization’s business-, legal and IT departments on data processing activities and protection we’ll be able to create long term privacy and security solutions. As cyber attacks are a common threat for every business organization worldwide, it’s important to have top-notch support and a dedicated advisor like us.

That’s why we invest in our certified experts in security and privacy. CRANIUM will deliver professional resources in all expertise levels, according to the needs of your company. Our partnerships with specialists in ethical hacking, forensics and IT implementation give us the ability to assess and control a wide range of projects.


Krinos Academy, an expert at organizing cyber and information security awareness campaigns, serves an important part of CRANIUM activities. Their specialists help to achieve and measure an organization’s behavioral change by offering end-to-end managed services that develop cybersecurity awareness.

Their Attack-Train-Measure approach combines simulations of today’s cyber attacks with training aspects and extensive measurements. We offer high-quality email phishing simulations, but also voice phishing, USB drops, physicial inspections and penetration tests. We increase the level of awareness by combining simulated attacks with training elements: elearnings, marketing material, a communication strategy, classical training….

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