Data Analysis & Profiling

Distill valuable information from your data

Lift your organization to the next level by using our data analysis and profiling solution through which you gain valuable insights. Your organization will certainly benefit from the availability of that relevant knowledge, especially in combination with solid data governance, an up-to-date data architecture and attention to data quality.

CRANIUM provides insight into your data and how they can be used

Not all data can be used for data analysis and profiling right away. CRANIUM helps you to understand what data you have and for what purposes it can be used. In order to reach a satisfactory outcome of your analysis, CRANIUM helps you to take the right steps to:

  1. Obtain and maintain both an overview of and insight into the data that you have processed
  2. Determine what results you can expect
  3. Start with the data analysis and/or profiling

We also offer an assessment to verify if you correctly document and apply your business rules or algorithms. This way, we make sure you utilize your data to its full potential.

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