Data Breach Management

Develop a clear and fast procedure on what actions to take in case of a data breach

A data breach can have massive repercussions for your organization as well as your data subjects such as customers and prospects. When a breach occurs, it’s key that you know what actions to take in order to resolve the situation and notify all parties (individuals, third-party organisations, authorities) involved accordingly. After that it is recommended to do an audit and to update your data breach recovery plan.

CRANIUM demonstrates how to handle data breaches and avoid them in the future

By virtue of the CRANIUM Data Breach Management solution, your designated staff members will be able to handle a data breach and decide on the necessary notifications to the authority and/or data subjects. CRANIUM shows how to cover the breach as well as how to avoid possible breaches in the future. Also, your organization will be less prone to potential sanctions and you will be able to demonstrate your compliance related to data breaches in accordance with Art. 33 GDPR.

What does data breach management contain?

  • Creating a procedure for data breach management
  • Raising awareness amongst the relevant staff
  • Notifications to the authority and/or data subjects when applicable
  • Planning remedial actions and communications
  • Creating a Data Breach Report of the actions and decisions as well as a Data Breach Inventory

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