EU/UK Representative


EU/UK Representative

UK Representative

Appointing a UK Representative is an obligation for companies and organisations that are Controller or Processor of personal data under the UK GDPR, and do not have offices, branches or other establishments in the UK. However, they:

  • offer goods or services to persons in the United Kingdom, or;
  • monitor the behaviour of individuals in the United Kingdom.

In addition, these companies must also respect and be compliant with the UK GDPR. A UK representative is therefore the point of contact for UK data subjects and data protection supervisory authorities. The Representative will act on your behalf regarding your obligations under the UK GDPR. More info on the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

You will find that partner in CRANIUM. Thanks to the support of our UK privacy representative, you as a non-UK organisation can continue to operate in the UK.


You do not need to appoint a UK Representative if:

  • you are a government agency;
  • your processing takes place only occasionally and entails a low risk for the data protection rights of individuals and does not involve large-scale use of data of a special nature or data concerning criminal offences.

EU Representative

Do you offer goods and services or monitor the behavior of individuals within the EU but do not have an office in the European Union? Even then, the GDPR obliges you to appoint a reliable and competent partner to represent your organization in the EU for customers and local regulators.

You will find that partner in CRANIUM. Thanks to the support of our European privacy representative, you as a non-EU organization can continue your activities in the EU. In addition, this solution helps you to further improve your customers’ trust and ensure regulatory compliance, as also stipulated in Article 27 of the GDPR.

CRANIUM provides all representation services

We can help assess whether you need the support of a representative. If this is the case, we will designate a European privacy representative for your organization who will provide all necessary representation services and act as a point of contact for the data subjects and the supervisory authorities.

The support of a European privacy representative further includes the following:

  • A GDPR Representation Activity Report and Quarterly Recap
  • The development of a landing page that allows data subjects to exercise their rights under the GDPR
  • A certificate of representation


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