Pentest or Penetration Test

A Pentest or penetration test gives you a good insight into the vulnerabilities of your organization

A Pentest or Penetration Test is an authorised security exercise to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems and report them to the company. Penetration testing involves more than just scanning and exploiting vulnerabilities.

There are a total of 6 stages to go through and each of them is equally important to ensure every aspect of the scope is covered. The entire process enables CRANIUM to deliver a finished product with quality in mind that is understandable to multiple roles within your company.

The last phase brings all findings together in a complete and clearly laid out report. The auditor delivers a detailed report that provides the found vulnerabilities, possible impact/severity, appropriate remedial actions, and proof of concept where possible.  ​​

This report will be ordered by severity, which should help you determine what to fix first and where the highest impact vulnerabilities are found. Indicated and sorted by the most common 5 severity levels: Critical / High / Medium / Low / Information.  ​​

The report makes it possible for the IT department to immediately start working on fixing the vulnerabilities found, using the recommendations.  

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