Stretching Privacy


“We believe in a world where every organization takes good care of personal data and the privacy of people.”

We also know organizations must focus on their core activities and business drivers if they want to thrive. In this workshop, you will find out how to maintain your business focus and simultaneously act in line with current privacy legislation, including the GDPR.

We’ll cover a wide range of interesting topics e.g. what are the alternatives to customer consent and when to use them? How to get contracts with customers and vendors in line with GDPR without driving them away? How to avoid new bottlenecks when embedding privacy checks in your way of doing business?…

To encourage an interactive workshop, weinvite participants to share topics they would like to discuss in the comment field during registration.

With our trainings and workshops, we intend to make a tangible difference. Therefore, each participant will go home with a one pager full of practical tips & tricks he or she can apply on the job each day. 


Organise this training in-house, the timing can be made to suit your needs, you get to keep your staff on-site and you can train many people at one go!


Tailor this existing course to meet your specific needs.



0,5 Day





4 credits


€295 (Excl. VAT)


Anyone affected by privacy compliance in their formal role or day-to-day activities. Especially suitable for:

  • CEOs, COOs and other leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Directors and managers of commercial or public organizations processing personal data, especially responsible for
    • Marketing & communications
    • Procurement
    • Legal & compliance
    • Human Resources
  • Data Protection Officers facing the challenge to turn privacy theory into practice
  • Project Managers and Change Managers acting as change agents within their organization


Participants don’t have to be privacy experts. Yet, being aware of basic concepts of privacy legislation and GDPR such as consent, data protection by design, data processing agreements etc. would be useful.


  1. Privacy legislation: setting the scene – 60 min
  2. Round table: typical cases where privacy & business drivers seem to be at odds – 30 min

BREAK 15 min

  1. Stretching privacy topic by topic.

Up to 4 topics can be discussed; inspiration below. Or you can bring your own topic to the table of course!

  • Alternatives to customer consent – 30 min
  • GDPR proof contracts that really work – 30 min
  • Frictionless privacy at work – 30 min
  1. Recap: best practices summarized – 15 min

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