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1Cybersecurity is a growing concern in a world where digitalized business processes are under contstant scrutiny of hackers and cybercriminals. An increasing amount of information is being created, stored and transmitted, and this information has an enormous added value. Data breaches and security incidents can result in serious costs and possible reputational damage. Therefore, appointing a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is becoming a standard practice in businesses of all sizes. The CISO provides some first line assistance to companies and is responsible for developing and implementing an information security program. The CISO works proactively by assessing potential dangers and risks and takes preventive and curative measures when necessary. The role of the CISO is crucial for an organisation that wants to ensure its business continuity and protect its most valuable asset – information.

2CRANIUM developed a solution for companies who do not have suitable human resources for filling this position. CRANIUM CISO services include highly trained and certified CISOs who go beyond the bare minimum responsibilities and truly integrate themselves into your business environment. They have experience in the field and are capable of meeting your specific needs. Using CRANIUM’s assess, implement and sustain methodology, the CISO will make sure that every department has implemented security systems that are running smoothly and the operational risks in the face of a cyberattack are minimized. Getting an external CISO has multiple advantages including an impartial security scrutiny.

3 Hiring our CISO will result in improved information security culture in your organization.  The CISO will take care of information risk management and security awareness trainings for the employees. Your organization will get adequate IT controls, well managed Computer Emergency Response Team, disaster recovery and business continuity management policy and a lot more. CRANIUM CISOs are always up to date with latest news and trends in the IT threat landscape. CISO position includes a vast scope of activities and responsibilities and CRANIUM is committed to provide your business with the best set of competences we have to offer.  

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