1Data protection and privacy issues are on the rise both in the public and private sector. With the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, companies are faced with new challenges; including review of business processes, data flow mapping, drafting of new guidelines and policies, and a lot more. These challenges increase companies’ need for the services offered by professionals to guide them through GDPR and make sure they remain compliant. Appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is not only crucial but also compulsory for some organisations.

2 CRANIUM developed a solution for companies who do not have suitable human resources for filling this position. CRANIUM DPO services include highly trained and certified DPOs who go beyond the bare minimum responsibilities and truly integrate themselves into your business environment. They have experience in the field and are capable of meeting your specific needs. Using CRANIUM’s assess, implement and sustain methodology, the DPO makes sure your company is not only GDPR compliant but is also able to avoid unnecessary risks. Getting an external DPO has multiple advantages such as impartiality, which is in line with GDPR requirement of DPO independence from data controller and processor instructions.


3 Hiring our DPO will result in improved data protection and privacy culture in your organization. The DPO will assess your current policies and procedures and will continuously inform and advise your employees involved in data processing activities of their obligations and responsibilities. Your organization will monitor GDPR and the related national legislation proactively and comply to the internal policies. CRANIUM DPO will provide you with the most effective advice on data protection impact assessment and even monitor its performance.

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