1Digitalization of business processes makes organizations across the globe more vulnerable to security threats. An increasing amount of information is being created, stored and transmitted, and this information has an enormous added value. Meanwhile, data breaches and security incidents can result in serious costs and possible reputational damage. Therefore, it is essential for any organization to develop policies and strategies for information security management to make sure the information is adequately protected and the continuity of the business is guaranteed. ISO27001 certification provides a comprehensive and systematic solution for effective information security risks management. There are many benefits to ISO27001 certification such as clearly defined responsibilities within the organization, cost reduction, improved business image and strong access controls. Most importantly, the certification can ensure your credibility to your customers and suppliers.

2CRANIUM can help your business get ready for ISO27001 certification. Our experts offer a variety of services including a full-cycle preparation – assessment, implementation and follow-up. Our unique approach goes beyond a simple checklist. The methodology is adopted to meet your business needs and fully prepare you for the certification. CRANIUM will provide you with state of the art policies and a risk treatment plan that will significantly improve your information security management system (ISMS). Our consultants will evaluate your ISMS and walk you through the implementation. Immediately after the initial assessment, CRANIUM will present its findings that will allow you to understand the scope of the project and the implications for your business continuity.


3As the result your business can get CRANIUM’s full-cycle ISO27001 certification preparation service that begins with ISMS evaluation. Our consultants will take into consideration all the particularities of your business and prepare a statement of applicability. CRANIUM will deliver an implementation plan and a roadmap that will lay out all the necessary steps to be taken. A risk register will allow your organization to overview the risks that are present in your current information security management system and our risk treatment plan will provide you with selected controls to manage the identified risks. Finally, our team will prepare you for the certification audit and make sure that all the documentation is in place and the policies are actively exercised by the employees.  

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