PES – Privacy Evolution Scan

1The 25th of May 2018, the date the GDPR comes into effect, is approaching quickly and many organizations find themselves wondering how compliant they currently are and more importantly, whether their current practices are sufficient. In order to answer these questions, CRANIUM offers a Privacy Evolution Scan, where the current GDPR compliance of a company is assessed and compared to what the compliance level should be, leaving clients with a detailed report of findings and recommendations. In line with the report a roadmap is developed, to make attaining GDPR compliance easier.

2 A PES is divided into several phases: a kick-off, the actual PES, the delivery of the results and finally, the delivery of the final report. The PES is kicked-off with a presentation tailored to you and addresses the main GDPR issues in your sector and industry. This presentation also details the PES process so stakeholders are well-informed and it creates awareness with the attending employees.


The second phase contains the interviews and the review of documentation. The consultants will assess the current GDPR compliance level within your company through interviews with stakeholders in different departments, thus making sure they get a complete and in-depth view of your organisation. The provided documents will be reviewed. The notes taken during the interviews and the review of the documents will be consolidated in a list of observations and a presentation report, which will give you a structured overview of the entire process. The presentation report contains:

  • Management summary
  • List of observations
  • Observations and Recommendations per GDPR section
  • Implementation Roadmap

The Roadmap gives an overview of how many man days it will take for your organization to implement the recommendations given by CRANIUM and improve compliance with the GDPR. The Roadmap is also a visual in time to show how many days per month you will need to implement the recommendations given by CRANIUM.

During this presentation, you can ask additional questions or make remarks. These will be processed in the final report accordingly, so the final report will be tailored exactly to your needs.


3After a PES, your organization will have a structured overview of its current and desired compliance, have a list of findings and corresponding recommendations and an easily implementable roadmap making GDPR compliance easier.


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