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1One of the biggest threats to any organization today is a cyber security attack or a data breach. As a result many organizations are mitigating the risks by stepping up their security. IT security, however, remains a complex matter and questions that cannot be answered within the organization will surely rise. CRANIUM offers the Security Helpdesk as a service to answer their questions concerning security in a structured and speedy manner.  

2Within CRANIUM’s Security Helpdesk, you buy a ‘bucket’ of credits, to use when you need them. Furthermore, thanks to the credits system, this means that you do not pay a fixed price per question. Instead, the price is based on how complex the question is, with 1 credit equaling 1 hour of work for our consultants. In order to give you a correct answer, additional information might be asked to clarify or confirm certain issues.

There are 3 types of questions: simple, complex and highly complex questions

  • Simple questions can be answered within one hour and cost 1 credit. When such a question is asked, CRANIUM will provide the answer within 2 (working) days after receiving the question or the required additional information. This way, you can be sure of a quick answer.
  • Complex questions cannot be answered in one hour and thus will use up more credits. CRANIUM will inform you of this and give an estimate of how many credits it will likely use. You can then make an informed choice to confirm or withdraw the question. If the question is confirmed, an answer will be given within 2 (working) days after the confirmation.
  • Highly complex questions, like complex questions cannot be answered in one hour, but also require multiple sources to be contacted. CRANIUM will inform you of this and give an estimate of how many credits it will likely use and the days needed to provide a complete answer.  You can then choose to continue with or withdraw the question.

Due to this model, the CRANIUM Helpdesk ensures that you have a rapid answer to any security-related questions, tailored to your specific situation and that you will never pay more than needed for any answer.

3Due to the Security Helpdesk, you can get expert advice on any security-related matters within a minimum of time. Thanks to the credit system, you can be sure that you will only pay for the work done, but also that complex questions are given the attention and time they need.  A monthly dashboard will be provided for the client that shows the used credits and the credits left in the ‘bucket’, the types of questions that were answered and the average time of response.


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