1Data protection officers and privacy specialists bear a crucial role in any company committed to data protection principles. They are faced with the challenge of staying up to date with changing legislations and technological advancements. Privacy experts must also keep track of evolving business environments to make sure that new data processing operations are in line with internal policies. Privacy compliance is not a box-checking exercise but a steady practice where people should be empowered with the right skills and competences. Any organisation employing data protection/privacy professionals must make sure to continuously invest in their development. Failure to provide adequate training may result in serious financial and legal implications.

2 CRANIUM has developed a comprehensive training program for DPOs and privacy professionals that is insightful both for experts and those who are at the beginning of their career path. A unique feature of our trainings is their practical approach, tailored to your business experiences  and needs instead of generic examples. The trainings are designed around the existing policies and strategies in order to meet the needs of your privacy professionals. Our experts will also take into consideration your audit practices and guidelines. Moreover, CRANIUM will go further and make sure that your employees are acquainted with upcoming legislation and the changes it will bring. CRANIUM experts are fully committed to delivering an extensive training to your employees that will cover privacy and data protection from A to Z.


3As the result, your privacy and data protection professionals will be trained on:

  • The role and the responsibilities of the DPO
  • Theoretical course on national and European legislation
  • GDPR fundaments
  • Data subjects’ rights
  • Interactive case studies based on professional experiences
  • Privacy governance tools
  • Policy drafting sessions
  • Your business privacy policies and audit guidelines
  • Relationship and communication with the supervisory authority
  • Addressing complaints/data breaches

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