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1Data protection officers and privacy specialists bear a crucial role in any company committed to data protection principles. They are faced with the challenge of staying up to date with changing legislations and technological advancements. Privacy experts must also keep track of evolving business environments to make sure that new data processing operations are in line with internal policies. Privacy compliance is not a box-checking exercise but a steady practice where people should be empowered with the right skills and competences. Any organisation employing data protection/privacy professionals must make sure to continuously invest in their development. Failure to provide adequate training may result in serious financial and legal implications.

2 Given the importance of continuous development, CRANIUM has set-up a dedicated business unit that is fully focused on providing hands-on training courses on a variety of interesting topics in the field of privacy and security. When we say hands-on, we mean it: participants are challenged with real-life cases, are invited to think and work together and do not leave the room without being able to apply acquired skills in their day-to- day job or life. Our trainers are true subject matter experts actively working on both privacy and security aspects of personal data protection on a global scale. Our open calendar training offer is available through our dedicated CRANIUM Campus website. We provide courses at different levels (foundation – advanced – expert) and tailored to specific domains or industries. You will for sure find your perfect fit!

3 On top of trainings offered through our open calendar, we have extensive experience in developing and providing custom trainings tailored to the needs and wishes of individual companies, government institutions, sector organisations etc. Trainings can be delivered across Europe and the US, both in-house and on customer premises.

For a fully customized training offer, contact us at A short glimpse of topics that can be covered in these trainings:

  • GDPR fundamentals
  • National, European and US privacy and data protection legislation
  • Data subject’s rights
  • Role and responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Technical and organisational measures (TOMs) needed to become and remain GDPR compliant
  • Interactive case studies based on real-life privacy and security implementations
  • Privacy governance tooling
  • Policy drafting sessions (privacy policy, cookie policy, data breach policy…)
  • Relationship and communication with the Supervisory Authority
  • Preventing and handling of data breaches
  • Privacy management after May 25 2018
  • e-Privacy Regulation
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