Hello, we are CRANIUM and we believe that privacy, security and data management are inextricably linked.

We’re an international consultancy organisation specialised in privacy, security and data management, founded in 2016.

With a holistic and risk-based approach, CRANIUM provides end-to-end solutions to small, medium and large enterprises to support them in maintaining business continuity and generating business value.

CRANIUM’s dedicated employees have helped more than 400 different customers with over 600 projects, mitigating their risks and ensuring their privacy, security and data management compliance.

Meet our CRANIUM Crew

CRANIUM has a growing team of 70 dedicated employees with a range of backgrounds, languages, and experiences. They are united by their shared passion for privacy, security, and data management. Our professionals strive for excellence and are committed to provide hands-on, high-quality advice to achieve the best result.

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Our Mission?

Help our clients, big and small, to use their data in a compliant, secure and organised way, enabling them to make smarter business decisions.


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Our Vision?

Our vision is to create a world where every organisation can transform their collected data into valuable insights, while responsibly and securely managing personal data in a cyber-resilient environment.

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Our Values. 

We strive to find the perfect balance between Passion for Excellence and Passion for People. Our consultants act as driven, yet understanding guides, leading the way towards a more regulated, proficient, and responsible management of data.

Why partner with us?

  By building bridges between IT, legal and business, CRANIUM provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions at both tactical and operational level and prepares organizations to:

  • Protect themselves from data breaches and cyberattacks.
  • Comply with regulations and legislations.
  • Improve the way they structure data.


  A goal like this is contingent on the support and awareness of every actor in the organisation. That’s why CRANIUM has developed CRANIUM Campus, that provides classroom training, e-learning, phishing and simulations.


  CRANIUM delivers top-class consultants who are passionate about their profession. They are recruited internationally and trained to fulfil missions in different countries. IT security and data protection are, without a doubt, topics that are currently given priority all over the world. CRANIUM has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.