Discover our brand new GDPR E-Learnings

Discover our brand new GDPR E-Learnings
Charlotte Bourguignon

Since early 2017, CRANIUM has joined forced with Krinos Academy. Through the Krinos Academy platform, we have been providing a solid and diverse offer in security awareness. Our awareness portfolio includes both standardized and fully customized email phishing simulation campaigns, the Fish-Hunter Outlook plugin to report malicious emails and finally E-Learnings on security awareness.

Since its conception, over 50.000 people have already been using our awareness solutions, resulting in a measurable change in their behaviour and a more secure way of working online. Topics covered include email phishing such as simulated password steals and ransomware, voice phishing, recognizing suspicious files and URLs, safe use of mobile devices and abuse of social media accounts.

Today, not by chance almost together with the GDPR going into effect, we extend our security awareness offer with a set of interactive & straightforward E-Learnings on GDPR and correct processing of personal data. Through these E-Learnings, organisations can easily and at a relatively low cost ensure all co-workers are aware of the basic aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation. This is a first yet crucial step towards GDPR compliance for any organisation – in Europe or abroad – offering goods or services to EU residents. In fact, it even is a key obligation of the Data Protection Officer in GDPR Article 39.

Whether an organisation is already fully prepared for the GDPR or not, our E-Learnings constitute an important step towards (even better) compliance. Want to receive more information on this offer? Simply send an e-mail to and we’ll get back to you with a tailor-made offer asap.