We are Top 25 Trends Gazellen 2022 Vlaams-Brabant

We are Top 25 Trends Gazellen 2022 Vlaams-Brabant
Charlotte Bourguignon
trends gazellen 2022

We have some awesome news to share! Three months ago, we shared that we were nominated for the Trends Gazellen 2022 (category SMEs in Vlaams Brabant).  Last week, we received the joyful news that we made it to the top 25!


Trends Gazellen 2022?

The last 21 (!) years, the Trends magazine’ editors reward the 250 fastest growing companies per province in Belgium. These are all companies that leave a positive impact on our Belgian economic landscape. Trends Gazellen are described as rolemodels as they are not only powerful innovators, but they also form a steadfast source of employment.

What we like about this award, is the fact that it’s based on clear numbers and not on anything else. Because of this, the award is very much appreciated by professionals, us included. The criteria are based on:

    • Growth in added value
    • Growth in employees
    • Growth in cash flow

To be nominated is a big honour. We are humbled to have made it to the top 15 SMEs in our province. We will continue to roll out innovative projects and strive to keep spreading that positive impact. Let’s see what the future brings!