DPIA & Privacy by Design


DPIA & Privacy by Design

Align with all data protection principles and demonstrate your compliance

As of May 2018, the data protection impact of every (new) data processing system, product or project, which is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, needs to be assessed first. As an accountability tool and consistent assessment mechanism, a DPIA helps to:

  • Align with all data protection principles (and data protection by design/default in particular)
  • Demonstrate compliance
  • Create awareness about data protection issues
  • Avoid costs and sanctions early on with the most efficient privacy solutions in mind

CRANIUM provides you with the means to control privacy risks and avoid potential fines

A data protection impact assessment (DPIA) provides you with the right measures and controls to control specific privacy risks and avoids potential damage or fines. After completing a DPIA you can continue your activities in accordance with Art. 35 GDPR and demonstrate this compliance. You can rely on CRANIUM to create and implement a DPIA procedure as well as conduct this DPIA for specific processing operations.


How does a DPIA procedure work?

Based on multiple interviews with your key staff members and stakeholders, CRANIUM conducts a risk assessment, these risks’ likelihood and potential consequences, and composes an exhaustive list of all corresponding controls and mitigation measures. Finally, all findings, controls, measures and the post-treatment are gathered in a DPIA report. As such we offer you privacy by design, tuned to the specific needs and traits of your business.

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