Security Scan


Security Scan

Security Assessment

Get a clear view to achieve your desired level of security

A security assessment allows you to get a clear view on the information security risks your organization is facing as well as an idea of the actions to take to achieve your desired level of security.

A security assessment is advisable when you have pinpointed the activities important to critical service delivery and can prioritize your security investments to maximize your ROI. However, CRANIUM also provides this service within a GDPR-compliance effort, relating to Art. 32 GDPR.

Incident or the end of time?

Do you also read with increasing astonishment in the media about yet another information security incident? A security leak at companies or governments that need to know better? Or do you shrug your shoulders because you believe that a data breach is unavoidable in these times? Thinking that it will not happen to you may be naive, but believing that there is nothing you can do about it is downright dangerous.


Value your data with the right security

CRANIUM sees data security as an organizational issue that is closely related to data privacy and the overarching theme of data management. By embedding information security more in the organization, you can better control risks and detect and handle incidents sooner. In order to set up data security as optimally as possible, it is first necessary to determine which data is worth protecting. Every organization needs to know what business critical and sensitive data it possesses. Subsequently, it must be continuously tested whether the security measures taken are still adequate. If it then goes wrong, one must know exactly what needs to be done to limit the damage.

With our information security baseline measurement, we take stock of your current situation with regard to your logical and physical security of information. We look at which policies and control measures have been implemented and which applications contain the most business-critical and sensitive data. How are these secured and what does your organization need to get to the desired level?


Security Audit

Assess your compliance level and track the potential improvements

Conducting a security audit of your organization in accordance with a documented audit procedure can track potential improvements and work on your compliance. A security audit also tells you if you are tackling the right aspects of your cybersecurity and if you are doing so efficiently.


CRANIUM uses a Cyber Security Framework to scan your security posture

We scan your current security posture by use of a recognizable and repeatable Cyber Security Framework within a risk-based approach in a defined period of days. The CSF is aimed at reducing and better managing cybersecurity risks, which are inherent to any process, project or program, and divided into five key functions: identify, protect, detect, respond and recover. In terms of a security audit, CRANIUM doesn’t issue any certificates.

Get support through the KMO-portefeuille

CRANIUM is a registered service provider for the KMO portefeuille for (strategic) ADVICE
As a Flemish SME/KMO, you can receive 20% or 30% support via the KMO portefeuille for the advice part of our assignment, with a maximum of 7500 €/year.

CRANIUM Registrationnumber: DV.O225288

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