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Privacy Scan

The Privacy Scan is a gap analysis of the current privacy situation of an organisation. It provides a clear view on the needs and priorities that are needed in order to comply with the current privacy legislation (including GDPR). The report includes a roadmap and provides a solid start to  GDPR implementation.

For who?

The Privacy Scan is relevant for companies that have already taken steps to GDPR compliance, as well as companies that are at the starting phase. The goal of the Privacy Scan is uncovering the privacy compliance ‘gaps’ or ‘flaws’ within the company. Based on this analysis, we create together with the client, an action plan, in which risks and priorities are listed. This way, the company can progress to a higher level of GDPR compliance.


• We set up a kick-off meeting to create awareness and identify the key stakeholders in your organisation.
• We interview key stakeholders in order to get a clear picture of the current status, with an emphasis on processes in which personal data are processed.
• We consolidate our findings in a report.
• We present our report with our findings to the key stakeholders.

Our Deliverables

• Privacy Scan Report: a detailed overview of the findings divided into 9 manageable areas
• Privacy Roadmap: roadmap for privacy risk mitigation including priority and variability settings

Expected results of our Privacy Scan

• You get a clear view on the privacy risks your organisation is facing today and have a concrete idea which actions to undertake to comply with recent privacy legislation including GDPR
• You know how to start a Privacy Implementation trajectory

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