Data Management Strategy


Data Management Strategy.

Define your data ambitions and boost your data maturity.

Take the organization of your data to the next level and boost your data maturity. A concrete data management strategy helps you to define your data principles, ambitions and needs and link your broader business strategy with your way of working. How mature is your organization when it comes to data-driven work and what are your ambitions in data management?

Is the proper organizing of your internal data a required compliance effort (e.g. for Solvency II or GDPR), or more focused towards business efficiency? A clear vision and strategy settles the principles and is the starting point of well-organized data management. CRANIUM advises and supports you in the realization of a careful and above all pragmatic data strategy, as we pay due care and attention to your everyday needs and work practice.


CRANIUM translates your needs into a practically deployable data strategy.

Based on an assessment of your needs we map out which ambitions, visions and objectives exist within your organization and what the possible scenarios for the future are. We translate the results of this assessment into a practically deployable vision on data management, as well as a data management strategy and an implementation plan.

Your data management strategy and implementation plan are essential for the data-architecture, data governance and data quality within your company. CRANIUM can advise you on these subjects according to your ambitions.

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