Data Governance Design and Implementation


Data Governance Design and Implementation.

Take your crucial data into your own hands.

Just as your business processes are governed by roles and responsibilities, the underlying data needs governance. It is essential to have control over your own data while at the same time ensuring ownership. In other words, data governance goes hand in hand with a solid data strategy. The roles and responsibilities that accompany data governance need to be integrated into your day-to-day business operations.

With the establishment of your data governance, CRANIUM helps you focus on data requirements and data quality. We also encourage you to invest in Business Continuity Management (BCM), in which you determine how your data should be reconstructed as quickly as possible based on backups and other relevant sources in the event of theft, calamities or IT failures.


CRANIUM identifies and defines your business critical data and corresponding ownership.

CRANIUM advises and supports your organization in the realization and implementation of a decisive and pragmatic data governance. We help you take action by:

  • Defining your key data
  • Integrating your key data into your organization’s existing structures and functions
  • Identifying business critical data and defining corresponding ownership

If necessary, we also train your people to live up to their full potential. All in all, we offer a pragmatic and sustainable way to set up your data governance.

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