Data Management Assessment

Unleash the full potential of your data while avoiding privacy risks

How to deal with sensitive data from customers and employees in a safe manner? Specific data management measures are needed, especially when the safeguarding of privacy is at stake. As such, quality data management is crucial to getting every ounce of potential of your data without running into any privacy risks. And to achieve such a goal, the first step is to get a clear view on your data thanks to an assessment.

CRANIUM shows you how to deal with customer and employee data

By use of a data management scan CRANIUM determines the level on which you currently succeed to manage and control your company data. From there, we identify points of improvement in terms of your information security and provide you with advice on how to deal with sensitive data from customers and employees in a safe manner. Finally, we also indicate ways to optimize your data processing to achieve more efficiency.

Based on the results of the scan we can support you in implementing any other necessary data management measures tuned to your way of working. These solutions involve:

  • Drawing up practical policies and procedures
  • Setting up and maintaining a data strategy, data governance, data quality and a data architecture
  • Supporting your data analysis and data profiling activities

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