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Privacy Project

Privacy Audit



Privacy Assessment

Get a clear view and action plan to achieve compliance with the current privacy legislation

Is your organisation fully compliant with current privacy legislation, including the GDPR? Via a gap analysis of your current privacy situation, we provide you a clear view on the existing privacy risks within your organisation, as well as the measures to achieve the compliance. After finishing the privacy assessment, you can also efficiently start your privacy implementation journey.


CRANIUM shows you how to start your privacy implementation trajectory

  • We start with a kick-off to create awareness and a privacy assessment questionnaire for your key stakeholders in order to collect and analyze data.
  • This is followed by a full privacy and risk analysis.
  • Our findings are gathered in a privacy report and coupled with a privacy roadmap for privacy risk mitigation including priority and variability settings. This privacy assessment will tell you exactly how and where to start your privacy implementation trajectory (including GDPR). Read more about our DPIA if you are looking for more advice related to a specific high-risk processing activity.

Privacy Audit

Assess your compliance level and track the potential improvements

A privacy audit of your organisation demonstrates your privacy commitment and legislation compliance towards external and internal stakeholders.

Additionally, it also tracks potential improvements and raises your general compliance. Via a documented audit procedure, we show you if you’re tackling the right aspects of your data protection frameworks and if you’re doing it efficiently.

What does a privacy audit contain?

  • Scope Statement
  • Control Framework
  • Execution Plan
  • Report & executive summary
  • Privacy Recommendations Plan addressing key flaws and risks for increasing privacy maturity

CRANIUM Services are recognized by the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship agency. This makes it possible for you as an SME to use the ‘SME Portfolio’ when using our services.


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