AI Compliance Officer


Need an extra pair of hands with your AI implementation? Opt for a CRANIUM AI Compliance Officer. 

On the lookout for a dedicated AI Compliance & Governance expert by your side? Look no further. From short-term projects to long-term commitments, we can find a solution for your organisation.

An AI Compliance Officer takes the lead in ensuring that AI systems and technologies are developed, deployed/used ethically and responsibly within the organisation. They are responsible for mitigating potential risks that come with AI technologies and address ethical concerns, as well as help adhere to regulations.

What can you expect from the CRANIUM AI Compliance Officer?

Together, we determine the time needed for the AI Officer to achieve your objectives, based on your organisation’s needs and resources.

We start with a kick-off meeting to introduce our AI Compliance officer. They will then continuously catalogue and monitor your AI practices in line with current legislations. Communication is key! You can expect:

  • A bi-weekly or monthly AI Status Report for key stakeholders.
  • An annual AI Activities Plan and a Report presented to your management.
  • An annual Review and Update of your AI-related documentation.


The AI Officer will act as a trusted advisor and point of contact for AI-related matters, while promoting transparent and compliant AI practices.

AI Officer as a Service can include the following services:

  • AI Governance Framework: Develop and implement a framework adapted to the ambition and risk-appetite of the organisation (e.g. AI policies, processes, governing responsibilities).
  • Awareness: Educate, collaborate, and raise awareness on risks associated with developing and using AI to create a responsible AI culture.
  • Risk assessment: Identify and address potential risks through our AI Impact Assessment.
  • Conformity Assessment: Conduct the internal conformity assessment when applicable.
  • DPIA/FRIA: Support the organisation in conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and Fundamental Rights Impact Assessments (FRIAs) for high-risk AI systems.
  • DSAR Support: Assist with handling Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) related to AI data collection and processing.

By appointing an AI officer who executes these actions, you achieve:

  • Compliance: Develop and use AI that follows regulations.
  • Transparency: Build trust with clear communication about how you use AI.
  • Ethical use of AI: Ensure your AI aligns with your ethical values.




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Partnership with VLAIO

Increasing cyber security in companies, that is the aim of the Flemish government. Through VLAIO, CRANIUM can offer certain cybersecurity related services with a subsidy of 45%.

CRANIUM Solutions are recognized by the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship agency. This makes it possible for you as an SME to use the ‘SME Portfolio’ when using our services.

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