AI Governance Assessment


Want to start using AI in your organisation? Start with an AI Governance Assessment.

It is no secret that AI is taking the world by storm. One in four Flemish organisations is already using one or more AI technologies in their operations. This trend will only accelerate the following years, but as with every great innovation, there’s also a need for responsible implementation.

Our comprehensive AI Governance Assessment offers an in-depth evaluation of your current and potential future AI practices, pinpointing potential risks, and providing a clear roadmap to mitigate those risks. This assessment is the first step to initiate your organisation’s AI journey towards compliance with applicable regulations, including the AI Act and the GDPR.

What can you expect from the CRANIUM AI Governance Assessment?

  1. We start with a kick-off meeting to create awareness among key stakeholders and get everyone one board.
  2. Then, based on an assessment questionnaire and a review of your existing documentation, we gather and analyse information about your AI practices.
  3. This information is used as a basis for a full risk analysis, identifying potential impact and ensuring compliance with regulations such as the AI Act, the GDPR, and other relevant sets of rules
  4. The findings are presented in a clear and concise report, along with tailored recommendations which describe steps needed to mitigate identified risks.

With the CRANIUM AI Governance Assessment, your organisation is ready to tackle the complexities of AI governance with confidence. It provides a comprehensive analysis of your current AI practices, highlighting potential risks and areas for improvement.

For who is the AI Governance Assessment? 

Organisations developing or using high-risk AI systems, particularly those impacting areas like recruitment, performance evaluations, or medical devices, can significantly benefit from the AI Governance Assessment.

Some examples of high risk AI systems that would benefit from this type of assessment:

  • An AI recruitment tool that makes hiring decisions
  • An AI performance review tool that assesses employees
  • An AI system implemented into an in-vitro medical device




Tackling AI as DPO: impact on the role and GDPR


The potential of Artificial Intelligence is undeniable, but its impact on data privacy is a pressing concern for DPOs. Join our expert, Enzo Marquet, for a deep dive into AI and its implications for the DPO role.

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Partnership with VLAIO

Increasing cyber security in companies, that is the aim of the Flemish government. Through VLAIO, CRANIUM can offer certain cybersecurity related services with a subsidy of 45%.

CRANIUM Solutions are recognized by the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship agency. This makes it possible for you as an SME to use the ‘SME Portfolio’ when using our services.

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