AI Authorised Representative


Make your AI solution available in the EEA? Opt for a CRANIUM AI Authorised Representative. 

Selling your AI in the EU? No problem! The AI Act requires non-EEA organisations to appoint a trustworthy representative within the European Union. This representative acts as your liaison with customers and national authorities, ensuring smooth operation in the EU market.

CRANIUM is your one-stop shop for a reliable AI representative.  Our authorised representative helps you understand and comply with the AI Act (specifically Article 22). This not only reduces regulatory risks but also builds trust with your EU customers.

What can you expect from the CRANIUM AI Compliance Officer?

Our Authorised Representative provides you all necessary representation services and serves as a point of contact for individuals and competent authorities by:

  • Verifying the AI declarations of conformity and the technical documentation.
  • Conducting conformity assessment check-ups.
  • Providing support on risk and conformity matters.
  • Acting as the point of contact with local authorities.

The support of a European authorised representative for AI also includes:

  • A representation activity report.
  • A representation mandate.




Tackling AI as DPO: impact on the role and GDPR


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Artificial Intelligence

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