ISO 27001 Solutions

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ISO 27001 Solutions

Achieve certification & boost your prospects’ trust 

The goal of the CRANIUM ISO 27001 services is to establish and maintain an information security management system (ISMS) within your company, and to enable you to certify your organization against an internationally recognised standard. This will help you to:

  • avoid security and data protection audits from your partners
  • gain trust & credibility of current and future prospects more easily
  • improve your compliance regarding GDPR & NIS
  • accelerate your sales process
  • edge over non-certified competitors

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  ISO 27001 Assessment

Take the first step towards implementing an information security management system

ISO 27001 assessment will give you an idea of the benefits of compliance for your business and the effort needed to pursue ISO 27001 implementation and to implement an information security management system (ISMS). If you already have an ISMS in place, an ISO 27001 assessment will tell you if you are maintaining it effectively.

ISO27001 is one of the proven management standards, which provide structure and guidance in setting up an Information Security Management System. Did you already make the effort of a security implementation track? ISO 2700 assessment will confirm if it’s ISO 27001 compliant or help you to determine what’s needed to achieve compliance.

How does CRANIUM assess your security?

The procedure starts with a kick-off meeting which includes an introduction to ISO 27001. Afterwards we assess your security through interviews with stakeholders and a document review. We analyze the state of your ISMS, which is vital to obtaining an overview of its performance. Our findings are gathered in an ISO 27001 Assessment Report and shared with you in a closing meeting. We also provide you with an ISO 27001 Implementation Roadmap.

 ISO 27001 Implementation

Enable your company to certify against an internationally recognised standard

ISO 27001 implementation supports (85%) GDPR compliance and adherence to other global standards on information governance. The approach to ISO 27001 implementation, apart from first defining the scope of the ISMS and a series of information security related processes and procedures defined in the ISO 27001 standard, can vary depending on your specific objective.

How does CRANIUM fill the gaps detected during the assessment phase?

To answer key requirements and achieve ISO 27001 certification, we collaborate with your key stakeholders to define the key actions and processes to be implemented in your organization. We do this based on your assessment by CRANIUM or another external organization. Depending on your priorities and resources, we provide the expertise needed to accompany your organization throughout the entire implementation phase.

 ISO 27001 Internal audit

Fulfill the ‘check’ phase of the ISO Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle

By virtue of an ISO 27001 Internal audit the different controls described in the ISMS are assessed and thus allow you to complete the ‘check’ phase of the ISO Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle. You can rely on CRANIUM to complete an ISO 27001 internal audit in case you don’t have an in-house internal auditor or audit team and need to have an audit performed as part of your 3-year certification cycle. You might also appeal to this audit in the context of your information security management system, if you lack the technical expertise to assess this control objective sufficiently.

How does CRANIUM verifies the effectiveness of the controls in your ISMS?

The internal audit assesses your ISMS by means of a systematic and independent process. We first obtain audit evidence by performing a document review and exploring key elements of your policies and procedures required by the standard. We also take samples and interview auditees to verify the effectiveness of the controls and how they are adhered to. Everything is objectively evaluated to see which audit criteria are fulfilled and all findings are gathered in an ISO 27001 Internal Audit Report.

Partnership with VLAIO

Increasing cyber security in companies, that is the aim of the Flemish government. Through VLAIO, CRANIUM can offer certain cybersecurity related services with a subsidy of 45%.

CRANIUM Solutions are recognized by the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship agency. This makes it possible for you as an SME to use the ‘SME Portfolio’ when using our services.

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