Privacy Helpdesk

Rely on easy access to proper privacy expertise

If you are facing issues regarding your privacy compliance, and draw a blank on what to do for specific aspects from different levels of your organisation (not only legal or IT), you can rely on our privacy helpdesk. This quick and easy access to proper expertise allows you to focus on your core business, while resting assured that advice on the best possible course of action will meet you in no-time.

CRANIUM answers all your privacy-related questions

No matter if you are in the process of a privacy implementation or you have gone on to manage your privacy operations in-house, you may run into questions on certain topics such as new processing or operational activities, a specific privacy legislation,… Our CRANIUM privacy experts are just a phone call or email away. In exchange for credits they answer non-complex questions in the shortest possible notice during business hours. Because of the complexity or the duration of our support, some responses might entail other CRANIUM solutions or templates, in which case credits cannot be used.

The three stages of our privacy helpdesk:

  • First line (associates) determine whether the question is clear, if it has been asked before, and will respond to easy questions. At all times a backlog must be maintained.
  • For less straightforward questions, second line support (senior consultant) is called in.
  • Our experts are third line support and are consulted for more complicated matters. Are you consequently asking more complex questions? Then you might want to consider our other privacy services.

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