Data Architecture

Obtain a powerful overview of all your data thanks to a multi-layered data map

A well-built data architecture provides you with an overview of all your organizations’ key data. In turn, this overview allows for a vulnerability analysis of the physical and logical security of business applications and the underlying IT infrastructure. As such, a quality data architecture is vital any other modern organization and can be improved further, when combined with an organization-wide data strategy.

By virtue of our data architecture service, CRANIUM helps you to establish a complete overview of all your company data. To do so we construct a map in which your most commonly used concepts, processes, actors and business critical data are summed up.


CRANIUM reveals relationships between business critical data

CRANIUM supports you to make the several layers of detail and mutual relationships in your data architecture visible. Specifically, the first step is to define the business critical data within your organization. Next, we link these data to the services you provide and the functions these services entail. The data is then combined with the underlying systems and processes and finally recorded in a database.

This way, CRANIUM is able to establish a multi-layered data architecture within your organization. We also have sufficient examples of data models to achieve results faster.

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